I create user-focussed, user-friendly websites and apps – by staying ahead of trends and technologies, having a solid understanding of information hierarchy and the experience that comes from being a avid internet user.

I add value for my clients by considering how users interact with content, then creating beautiful websites and applications that work brilliantly, with an emphasis on typography, layout and clarity.


A curated selection of recent projects.

  • Mt Cardrona Station

    This microsite for the Mt Cardrona property for CBRE turned out to be a real stunner. The simple objective to visualise the spectacular and prestigous landscape of the Cardrona Valley region in New Zealand the design picks up on the naturally earthy tones of the region and uses a typography that is as bold and characteristic as the region.

    Using WordPress for their publishing needs we provided select users with a username and password to view the protected area containing site surveys and documents related to the sale. On the user facing side HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are used to transform this page into an experience worth revisiting.

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  • Stephenson & Turner Website

    Following the concept of free flowing streams of air across a site, the solution focussed on user interaction patterns to entice the visitor of the site to explore content organically.

    Powered by ExpressionEngine, a solid publishing platform for new projects, team members and news articles as well as their comment streams was supplemented with cutting edge use of HTML5, CSS3 as well as jQuery for interactions for the user to enjoy.

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  • Aggie Grey’s Website

    When Aggie Grey's asked for a redesign of their website, it was clear the latest technology needed to be used to allow for a future ready presence.
    Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery a blissful web experience was created for visitors to enjoy while ExpressionEngine was used in the background to dynamically publish pages with complete control over content by the client.

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  • Mika Website

    Mika is a famous Maori performer who needed a website that could express his multi faceted persona.

    Using a mixture of HTML5, CSS and jQuery and powering it with the excellent ExpressionEngine CMS allowed us full creative freedom while allowing Mika to manage and control their outward presence with ease.

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  • Pead·PR Website

    Being a prominent PR firm, Pead·PR asked Supply to create a highly maintainable website which their team can keep up to date with industry and personal news.

    ExpressionEngine was able to provide an easy to use publishing platform for the team at Pead·PR which they use to keep things up to date at all times.

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  • ASB Creating Futures

    In a close knit partnership with Droga5, Supply was asked to help create the web presence of ASB's "Creating Futures" campaign.

    Through the mixed use of HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery and Flash we created a unique online experience that showed how ASB is helping people to achieve their dreams.

  • Studio Italia Website

    Studio Italia is already a well established brand in New Zealand dedicated their expertise to the import of high end design furniture and kitchens from Italy.

    The design objective was relatively straight forward, creating a system to showcase their massive catalogue of products both in a easy to browse and stylish manner.

    The site also doubles as a sales tool internally.

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  • Custom Residential Vendor Report App

    A solution was required to design and build a custom web application for Custom Residential's agents to manage their communications with clients.

    A newsletter style system with complete listing and contact management was the right tool for the job.

  • Porter Novelli Website

    The New Zealand branch of the Porter Novelli agency had the desire to move their branding more in-line with the new brand guidelines set by the American branch.

    Working closely with the Porter Novelli team the solution, powered by the ExpressionEngine CMS, provided a very strong and easy to use publishing workflow, multi tier account management for their internal team and overall a joyful and fast user experience.

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  • Cato Bolam Website

    Alongside the designs of Festival Creative's Marc Mundy, Supply was tasked to create a complete front and backend build for the Cato Bolam Consultancy.

    Using ExpressionEngine for their publishing needs and HTML5, CSS and jQuery on the user facing web page, we were able to create Mark's design accurately on the screen while giving the client the tools they needed to work on the site by themselves.

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  • Simpson Grierson Website

    In close collaboration with Apropos (design) and Cactuslab (CMS) I was responsible for writing clean, semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for the leading law office in New Zealand.

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  • BurgerFuel Franchise

    BurgerFuel was looking for something a little more corporate for the Franchise section without of course loosing that special BurgerFuel vibe.

    A sleek white and purple layout, geared for easy legibility of the content paired with functionalilty such as the GoogleMaps powered BF Locations tracker turned this microsite into a winner.

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Jannis Gundermann
  • Less friction

    for your users as they interact with your website or app.

  • Better up-front thinking

    resulting in a future ready website that can form a basis for future revisions rather than having to start from scratch for each change in focus.

  • Structure

    Help bring structure to their existing content so it translates to an online environment.

  • A clearly focussed web experience

    through a combined knowledge of technologies, design, trends and user experience pattern.

  • Unified design and development skills

    to reduce miscommunication and management time, and produce a website that works well and looks good.

  • Efficiency

    Efficient turnaround of jobs and flexible working arrangements, means I can fit with your timetable.

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